Credit 1: Fame

If you have submitted a proof via GitHub and entered your username into the metadata, this proof’s page will automatically link to your GitHub profile. Here’s an example:

Metadata: ID: P1 | shortcut: mvn-ltt | author: JoramSoch | date: 2019-08-27, 12:14.

Your username will also appear on the Proof by Number and Proof by Author index pages.

Credit 2: Money

By submitting to the archive, you can also earn money, as stated in the project application:

To facilitate and incentivize the unpaid work going into this open science resource, for the first 200 100 proofs submitted to The Book of Statistical Proofs, each submitter will receive 25 50 € per proof.

If you have submitted a proof eligible for the money, please contact to claim your reward. Money can be received either via SEPA transfer (in Europe) or via PayPal (worldwide).