Everyone can contribute to The Book of Statistical Proofs! Depending on your mathematical knowledge, your computer science skills and the time you are willing to invest, there are three different levels of contributing to the project, with contribution intensity increasing from first to last level.

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Level 1: suggest a theorem to be proven

Required: a web browser and access to Google Documents

  1. Go to the online document for suggesting a theorem or suggesting a definition.
  2. Enter one proof source per row, following the instructions in the sheet.

Level 2: send a formatted file to the archive

Required: LaTeX processing software and a Google Drive account

  1. Pick a proof or definition of your choice and write it down as a LaTeX document.
  2. Optionally, embed your submission into the Markdown templates for proof or definition.
  3. Submit your LaTeX or Markdown file via the online submission form.

Level 3: add a page to the archive yourself

Required: Markdown processing software and a GitHub account

  1. Login to GitHub and fork the repository belonging to this website.
  2. In the subfolder P (or D), duplicate the file -temp-.md and rename it to [shortcut].md where [shortcut] is an abbreviation of your proof (or definition).
  3. Now rewrite this template to become a proof (or definition) of your theorem and fill in the metadata in the header of that document (enclosed by “– – –”).
  4. Commit your changes and launch a pull request, e.g. using the subject added "[shortcut]".